Finally it's time to introduce Multich WW-13 BIS BISS Molemo's Irresistible Me's first litter!
More info about her litter on the page planned litters!
This was made by Kennel Shandor!


15/9- Super results for the juniors in Lithuania!!

Moelmo's More Than You Can Handle "Morten" got jr.CAC and jr.BOB while Moelmo's Little Miss Attitude"Cobra" also got jr.CAC, jr.BOS and ended the day by being BOS today in Lithuania!
I'm so happy;) Big big congrats and thank you Samu and Lella/Kennel Jammings and Eeva-Maria Mentunen!


14/9- Minnie takes the INT CAC in Norway at her first try!!

In Norway at the International dogshow in Rogaland, Moelmo's Keep Your Promise At Zucci "Minnie" went BB2 with CAC and res.CACIB!!!! Thank you so much again Camilla Meyn for showing Minnie so well we are so proud!

14/9- Cobra does what cobra knows best!!

In Lithuania, Moelmo's Little Miss Attitude "Cobra" took the jr.CAC was jr.BOS and ended the day by being BOS! As always handled in super condition by Eeva-Maria Mentunen! Thankl you so much!!!!!


8/9- Minnie is out!!

Some great shownews today aswell!!!! Our visitor from England/kennel Zucci, Moelmo's Keep Your Promise At Zucci "Minnie" was shown at NAT show in Norway where she took the CAC and ended up as BOB!! "Minnie" was handled by Camilla Meyn and will be shown by her for a while! Thank you so much Camilla for handling Minnie so well! Minnie was also shown in Sweden a couple of weeks ago where she got 2*res.CAC and 2*res.CACIB!!!!

7/9- Cobra takes her first CAC in Finland!!!!

Today Moelmo's Little Miss Attitude "Cobra" won her first CAC in Finland where she ended up as BB 2!!
Handled perfectly by Eeva-Maria Mentunen, thank you dear :)

7/9- Caylin takes another Group placing in puppyclass!!

Caylin Decoroso "Caylin" takes her 2'nd BOB today and ended the day being BOG2!!!!
Thank you so much Kristin for the great handlingjobb of Caylin. You two are super togehter <3
pic by: Hege Lystad

7/9- Morten has been in Estonia!!

Moelmo's More Than You Can Handle "Morten" was shown in Estonia today taking his first jr. CAC!! He also got jr.BOS and was placed as BM3! Great work Samu and big congrats to kennel Jammings!!

2/9- New pics of our new Nalachild "Rocky" is up!!



31/8- Once again res.CAC for Miss Cobra!!

Today Moelmo's Little Miss Attitude "Cobra" took her 2'nd res.CAC in Finland.
Super handled as always by Eeva-Maria <3 Thank you love!
pics by: Miikka Ansamaa and Petsku

31/8- Super debute for Caylin!!!!

Today Caylin Descoroso was shown in puppy class for the first time, taking BOB and lather BOG4!
Handled by her co owner Kristin Sommernes! Thank you Kristin for taking such great care of our princess <3
pic by Kristin Sommernes

29/8- Great debute in jr class for Morten!

Debute in junior class at the age of 9months and 1day, Moelmo´s More Than You Can Handle "Morten" got BOS-junior & jun-CAC! The show was in Geneve, Switzerland!!
Big congrats with Mortens super results Lella and Samu!
pic by Kennel Jammings


Moelmo's More Than You Can Handle "Morten" was shown at two different shows this weekend, going BOB puppy on saturday at Sastamala and BOB and BOG2 sunday in Turku!! Big Big congrats to Mortens fab owners Lella and Samu!!!

4/8- Cobra res.CAC in Finland!!

Today Our beautiful Moelmo's Little Miss Attitude "Cobra" got herself a Nice placing going 4th BB with res.CAC. Thank you so much Eeva-Maria for loving and showing our girl so well!!! <3

30/7- Morten 4*BOB puppy at Split!

Big Big congrats team Wikström on Moelmo's More Than You Can Handle "Mortens" success in Croatia at the 4*Split shows this week! He is Incredible this little lovely man <3

28/7- Super results both in Poland and Latvia!!

In Poland CH Moelmo's Killer Instinct "Cimon" finshed his Polish Champin title taking the CAC from CH class!! Big congrats to his owner Ewa at Kennel Roingold!!!!! 

And in Lativa our sweatheart "Cobra", Moelmo's Little Miss Attitude got her first jr. CAC and ended up as BB and BOS! Thank you so much for super handling as always Eeva-Maria Mentunen !!!! :)


19/7- Morten BIS puppy and Cobra BF5!!

Today Moelmo's More Than You Can Handle "Morten" was shown in Finland at Chinese Crested Club Show 2013 where he was BOB puppy and also BEST IN SHOW puppy!!! Morten keeps winning and seems unstopable at the moment! Big big congrats to Lella and Samu, and thank you so much for loving and showing Morten so well <3

Cobra was also in the ring in jr class for the first time and ended up as BF5 with a super critique!!
There was over 100 cc entered to the show so i'm super happy about Cobras result:) Thanl you so much Eeva-Maria for the great job you are doing with our girl:)

9/7- Welcome Caylin!

I want to welcome our new girl Caylin Decoroso to our kennel:)
She will be co-owned with my friend Kristin Sommernes where she also will live! Thank you Hana at kennel Decoroso for this beautiful girl!!


6/7- Another BOB puppy in Finland for Morten!!

Today Moelmo's More Than You Can Handle "Morten" was shown in Finland and ends the day by being BOB puppy! Big congrats to Kennel Jammings!!

5/7- Cimon has gotten 6 New titles!!

CH Moelmo's Killer Instinct "Cimon" has been at the Black Sea Winner and gotten himself  6 New titles!!

THE New titles are: 
Malaysia CH, Taiwan CH, Sri Lanka CH, Bulgaria CH, Cyprus CH and Black Sea Winner 2013
Big congrats to his owner Eva/Kennel Roingold and way to to his handler Pietia Stenzel!!


30/6 Mortens debute in Finland!

Today Moelmo's More Than You Can Handle "Morten" was shown in Finland where he ended up as BOB puppy!

29/6- Morten BOB puppy in Estonia again!

This weekend Moelmo's More Than You Can Handle "Morten" was shown in Estonia and won BOB puppy both days. Big congrats to his owners Lella and Samu at Kennel Jammings :)


Sookies 6th BOB in Sweden in 2013!!

Today CH Moelmo's Irresistible Me "Sookie" was shown at NAT show in Avesta where she took her 6th BOB in Sweden this year. Beautifully handled and groomed by Catalina Gustafsson. Thank you so much Catalina :)
Big congrats to Camilla Meyn and Annika Farstad with "Smokey" - Sunstreakers Fireworks that was BOS.


2/6- Morten BIS puppy, Sookie Big3!!

Today 3 Moelmo dogs was out in the rings.
In Estonia at Estonian Winner the showmachine Moelmo's More Than You Can Handle "Morten" was BOB puppy and then BEST IN SHOW!!!! After 5 shows in baby and puppyclass Morten has placed him self in BIS everytime!!!!
As always handled by his owners Lella and Samu/Kennel Jammings. Big congrats and well done Team Wikström!
Moelmo's Little Miss Attitude was at the same show and went BOS puppy. Handled and groomed by my dear friend Eeva-Maria Mentunen <3 
And in Sweden Miss Sookie (CH Moelmo's Irresistible Me) went BOB and then BIG3. Handled and groomed by Catalina <3
Thank you so much everyone for showing Your/Our Moelmo dogs so well! You all mean so much to me!!

1/6- Sookie BEST IN SHOW!!!!!

CH Moelmo's Irresistible Me "Sookie" was shown at a group show in Sweden today where she was BOB and then Best In Show!!!! i'm so happy and extreemly proud of this results on our wonderfully Sookie!!
Thank you Catalina for the super handlingwork as always!!


18/5- The best team in the WORLD went best bitch with CAC and CACIB today in Hungary at the World Winner show!!!!! So now CH Moelmo's Irresistible Me "Sookie" is WW-13!!!!! This is a dream come true for us and we still can't believe that it actually has happend! Thank you so much Catalina for the awesome job you have done with our princess, always keeping her in excellent condition and showing her in the best possible way!! Love you both VERY much <3

(pic by Kati Teelmäki)

CH Moelmo's Killer Instinct "Cimon" was also shown in Budapest and was placed 4th in intermediaclass.
Nice work Ewa, Cimon looks amazing!!

(pic: Kennel Roingold)

Morten rocks the rings!!

19/5- Day 2 in Estonia and Morten got him self a new BIS baby placing by being BOB and then BIS2!
After 4 shows in babyclass, Morten has gotten placed in BIS everytime! I'm so happy and proud of team Wickström! Big congrats again :)

(Pics by Viktoria Tsizova)

18/5- Today Moelmo´s More Than You Can Handle " Morten" was shown at Tallin Group show where he was BOB baby and ended the day by being BIS4!!!! Big congrats to Kennel Jammings and well done!!!! :)
Love this pic of Samu and Morten <3

(Pic by Kennel Jammings)

28/4- Super weekend!!

Super day in the showrings for the halfsiblings!!
In Sweden Multich Moelmo's Irresistible Me "Sookie" won BOB and then BIG4, as always handled and groomed to perfection by Catalina Gustafsson ♥ ( in the pic also BOS CH Bonniveras Egre'gius.)

And in Poland CH Moelmo's Killer Instinct "Cimon" took another CAC and res.CACIB (that will become CACIB). Handled by his owner Ewa Dobrowolska (Kennel Roingold) Big congrats and well done ♥ 


Day 2 in Estonia and today Moelmo's More Than You Can Handle "Morten" finished on top winning BOB baby and finally BEST IN SHOW BABY!! IHe is only 4,5 months old but he charmed everyone arround the ring aswell as the judge!!!! I'm so happy for you Lella and Samu and offcorse super proud! Big congrats ;)

20/4- What a start for the little showmachine "Morten"!!!

Super debute for "Morten" Moelmo's More Than You Can Handle that went BOB and BIS 3 baby today in Estonia! Your're doing an amazing job with him Lella and Samu, big congrats on your fantastic day in the ring!!

20/4 New movementpics of Cobra!!

Moelmo's Little Miss Attitude "Cobra" really represents our slogan Movements with attitude!! Love this crazy little girl ♥ Groomed/handled by Eeva-Maria Mentunen <3

1/4 We are expecting puppies!!!

We are expecting puppies in week 20 and we can't wait!!!!!!
Thank you so much for letting us use your beautiful boy Lola Marie Folcke and Camilla Nordstrøm ♥
Both parents are cerfed clear, PLL clear, KCS normal and PL 0/0!!

6/4- Sookie and Catalina strikes again, this time in Riga!

CH Moelmo's Irresistible Me "Sookie" was shown in Latvia today where she got a brand new title LVCH by winning the CAC and then BOB!!
To top it all she was also placed as BIS4 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you Catalina Gustafsson for the fantastic job as always ♥

24/3- Sookie new INTCH!!!!

Today Ch Moelmo's Irresistible Me "Sookie" was shown at INT show in Malmø, Sweden, where she went all the way taking her last CACIB to finish her international ch title and ended as BOB!!!! :)
This was her 20th CACIB in Catalinas hands, it's unbelivable what these to have done togehter!! I'm so proud of them both and so thankfull that Catalina has given her all to show Sookie in perfect condition this last year!

9/3- Sookies takes her 4th CACIB in 2013!!

Today the "dreamteam" won another CACIB and BOB in Sweden!! Ch Moelmo's Irresistible Me has started the year with super results taking her 4th CACIB and 1 res.CACIB from 5 shows!
As always handled and groomed to perfection by Catalina Gustafsson;)

3/3- The halfsisters rocks the rings again!!

In the pic Sookie and Cobra
Super showday today aswell!!
CH Moelmo's Irresistible Me "Sookie" and Catalina won another title, CACIB and BOS in Lithuania. Now she's also Vilnius Cup winner 13 :)
It was so nice to see my little princess again this weekend, we have missed her so much ♥

And in Estonia, the little fireworks Moelmo's Little Miss Attitude "Cobra" and Eeva-Maria got another BOB puppy ♥ Way to go girls!!!!!

2/3- Super day in the rings in three different countries !!

In Estonia, Moelmo's Little Miss Attitude "Cobra" was out for the first time in puppyclass taking BOB with a supernice critique! Thank you so much for your excellent handling Eeva-Maria!

In another country (Poland) CH Moelmo's Killer Instinct "Cimon" won his class and his 4 th CAC! Way to go Ewa Dobrowolska!

And then our wonderful "Sookie" CH Moelmo's Irresistible Me was shown in INT show Lithuania where she won her class and taking her last CAC to get her Lithuanian ch title. As always groomed and handled by Catalina!

Sookie in Vilnius, photo by Catalina