We want to wish all our friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!! To sum up the year 2011, 
we are very happy that our only adults in the ring this year, Nala and Sookie together has taken 7 titles:)!!

This would never have been possible without my dear friend Eeva- Maria!!!!
So until next year, have a safe and peacefull holiday!

See yah all next year!!!

Thank you so much June/Kennel Horghagen, for this wonderful christmas card :)


Our wonderfull Sookie is now back home!!!

In her bag she has 2 titles, 2 cac, 1 res. cac, 1 BOS and 1 BOB!!

We are super happy about her achievements together with one of the nicest persons there is,

Eeva- Maria Mentunen! Thank you so much for everything you have done for me Eeva!

You mean so much to me :) :)!!

This photo shows the highlight of Sookies stay with Eeva where she was shown in Finland and got the titles Helsinki Junior winner 11 and Helsinki winner 11 :)

Photo: Sami Osenius


At Helsinki Winner today, Moelmo's Irresistible Me "Sookie" took it all!!!!! From juniorclass she went all the way and was BOB and gained 2 NEW TITLES, HEJW-11 & HEW-11!

I'm out of words! It's unbelivable!

Thank you so much Eeva! YOU ROCK!!! :)

I guess this photo says more than 1000 words about the joy Eeva felt!!!


Moelmo's Irresistible Me "Sookie" was in Denmark this weekend together with Eeva-Maria and her team!

She won the jr.class booth days and was 4th BF the first day and 2'nd best BF with res.CAC the second day.

We are so proud of our little Sookiestar and offcorse of our superhandler Eeva!! :)

Photo: Kamile Samaletdin


We have a hairless boy for sale


Yesterday i got some wonderful news from Finland.

Moelmo's Irresistible Me "Sookie" was shown at Tuulos NAT show in Finland on sunday and she did us all proud by taking the CAC and finnaly placed as BOS behind Sven (Zorrazo Jigsaw)

Thank you so much Eeva and big congrats with Sven :)

© Vilma Helle

New photos of the pups are out. Look at the availablepage.

Naked girl 4 weeks old


We are no longer co-owners of Twice As Nice On Fire "Kenny" and Sea Fire's Famous Grouse "Frida".... 
Kenny and Frida will continue to live in the same great homes as they have done.


Today we got a very sad news...Moelmo's Electric Vibes "Yoshi" has passed away only 2,5 years old...He got gastric rotation and the veterinary decided that the risk of an operation was to high and put him to sleep. We are so sad and we think this is so unfare :( Our thoughts goes to his owner Marte. Thank you Marte for the day we had together today. It was good to talk and be togehter in the grief!!



Finally i have taken new photos of the puppies.

Look at the availablepage.


Moelmo's Irresistible Me "Sookie" has left the country and is going to stay in Finland for a couple of months together with Eeva-Maria.

She will be shown here and there, but mostly in Finland.


Late last night Nala gave birth to 4 beautiful pups.

It all happend in 2 hours and it went so well. Mother and babys are all in a great shape. 
More pics of the puppies will come later.

hairless boy 1 day old


After 9 months in Finland Nala is finally back home again! I can never thank you enough Eeva-Maria for the great job you have done with Nala!!

Best of luck with your new girl:) :)


We are expecting a very exiting litter in week 35. Thank you so much Eeva- Maria, Catalina and Anna-Lena for all the help with the mating!! :)


Yesterday, Moelmo's Imagine Me "Freya" was shown for the first time in juniorclas and she ended up as 2'nd best bitch with res-CAC. Hugh congrats to owner/handler Kristin Sommernes :)!

Photo: Ann Kristin/Kennel Shandor


Yesterday we showed at the norwegian breed speciality and the results where good.

Inya Dreams Limited Edition "Elmo" was placed as 2'nd best (6-9months) puppy, and Moelmo's Irresistibel me "Sookie" won the juniorclass but was not placed in best bitch. All in all a great weekend for us:)!


Just want to share a couple of photos of Sookies halfbrother Tommy! I really like him a lot!!

Tommys owner is Nathalie Alfsen!


Today we went to NKK Trondheim and the only dog we showed was Moelmo's Irresistible Me "Sookie". This was her first INT show and she is only 9 months old, but she kicked ass and was placed as 2'nd best bitch with res.cac. I'm so happy and proud of my little star! The last word on her critique was "Starquality"! This was so much fun :)!!


Today Nala was cerfed clear again!! :)

Just want to thank all (You know who you are) for helping me with everything!
We are now planning a new litter after our beauty and the male is allready choosen.

The litterplan will be revealed later! :)

Photo: Kennel Royalette


This weekend we took some new photos of Moelmo's Fear My Name "Ajax"!

I like him so much! He has a great body, good movements and a very great temper:)!!


Yesterday i went to Røros together with June (Kennel Horghagen) and Katja-Marie to show Moelmo's Irresistible Me "Sookie" and Inya Dreams Limited Edition "Elmo". Katja-Marie had Moelmo's Jambalaya Moon Gaya "Gaya" with her.

It turned out to be a very nice day. Sookie took her first CAC and was BOS:)!! Elmo took another BOB puppy and Gaya was BOS pyppy.

Thank you for a nice trip girls:)

BOB Aya Napi By Little Jade, BOS Moelmo's Irresistible Me


BOB Inya Dreams Limited Edition, BOS Moelmo's Jambalaya Moon Gaya


Yesterday we showed Inya Dreams Limited Edition "Elmo" at TTBK and he got his first BOB!

Elmo has really grown up now and we think he looks stunning:)!!


On her last puppy show Moelmo's Irresistible Me "Sookie" got once again BOB!

To bad we did'nt stay for the finals, but it does'nt matter, we are super happy about this weekends results anyway:)!!


Moelmo's Irresistible Me "Sookie" was shown at Støren NAT show today and got BOB puppy under Kari Granaas Hansen and lather BIG4 under judge Cathy Delmar.

Mother Nala was shown at Helsinki group show the same day and got BOS once again behind beautiful Sven (Zorrazo Jigsaw) Thank you and congrats to you too Eeva :)!!

Photo: Kennel Royalette


Mother Jafari's Jasmine Jenny's Walkabout "Nala" and daughter Moelmo's Imagine Me "Freya" booth did good today. Nala was 2nd best bitch with res.cacib at Helsinki INT show, while Freya got her 2'nd BOB puppy at Ålesund NAT show:) Big congrats to Freyas owner Kristin Sommernes:)

Nala on the move in Helsinki!

Freya BOB puppy


Yesterday at Rauma NAT show Jafari's Jasmine Jenny's Walkabout "Nala" was placed as best bitch and ended up as BOS behind Eeva-Maria's beautiful Sven that also was BIG1:)

Hugh congrats, and offcorse, thank you so much Eeva:)!!

Photo: Kennel Royalettes


New photos on Inya Dreams Limited Edition "Elmo" on his page.

Photo: Hilde Reitan


Today Moelmo's Jambalaya Moon Gaya "Gaya" was out in the ring for the second time and ended up as BOS puppy. Hugh congrats to her owner Katja-Marie Josefsen Trondsen.

© Eva Marie Rønneberg


On saturday Moelmo's Irresistible Me "Sookie" was shown at Surnadal og Rindal Hundeklubb 
in Sunndal and was BOB puppy.

She got a wonderful critic and was super happy in the ring:)


On wednesday we cerfed Frostice Catch Me If You Can for the third time and she was also this time clear! Moelmo's Fear My Name and Moelmo's Eye For Perfection was also checked and they booth was clear. They was also PL and KCS checked and it was all just fine. This was very good news, and we will now go on a holiday and have a nice Easter.

To all of you, have a HAPPY EASTER:)


Jafari's Jasmine Jenny's Walkabout "Nala" was shown at Vaasa INT show in Finalnd on saturday and got CAC CACIB and was placed as BOB. She was also shortlisted in the groupefinals. So now Nala also is FINCH and NORDCH! I'm just on a "happyclowd" and so proud of our girl!

Thank you AGAIN Eeva-Maria. You're unbelivable:)

BOS: CH Zorrazo Jigsaw BOB CH Jafari's Jasmine jenny's Walkabout


Finally we have new photos of Moelmo's Fear My Name "Ajax".

He is now 20 months old and looks very good.
We will try to enter him on some shows this year.


Today Nala won her class and got the Lithuanian CAC.

Photos will come.


Jafari's Jasmine Jenny's Walkabout was shown in Lithuania today and was placed as 3'rd best champion bitch.


What a great day for Kennel Moelmo!!

Nala was out in the rings again, this time at a INT show in Latvia where she got the CAC CACIB and ended up as BOS. She got 2 more titles, LVCH and LVW-11.

This is so much fun. Thank you again Eeva-Maria. You really are the best!!

Meanwhile here in Norway her daughter Moelmo's Irresistible Me "Sookie" got her first BOB.

Inya Dreams Limited Edition was BOS. This was his first show ever:)

BOB: CH Zorrazo Jigsaw BOS: CH Jafari's jasmine Jenny's Walkabout

Sookie BOB, Elmo BOS


Nala was shown in Championclas in Tallin, Estonia today and got the same result as yesterday, BOB :)

This is so cool. Now we are looking forward until the showyear 2011 really kicks in :)


Our fantastic Nala is now Estonian Champion!!

Today she took the CAC and ended up as BOB at a NAT show in Tallin, Estonia!

Once again we have to take of our hats and thank Eeva-Maria for the wonderful job she does with Nala!!

Eeva-Maria together with Nala


Sometime things just change..Unfortunatly this time in a bad direction..
so we will not co-own Zanevi's Anna anway.. Good luck with her Camilla.


We want to welcome Inya Dreams Limited Edition "Elmo" to our kennel.

This is a wonderfull boy with a VERY great temper and attitude!

Thank you so much Sida that you once again trust us with a beauty from your kennel!! :)

Photo: kennel Inya Dreams


Today Moelmo's Imagine Me "Freya" got BOB at her first time out in the ring.

Big congrats to owner/handler Kristin Sommernes.

photo: Kristin Sommernes


Jafari's Jasmine Jenny's Walkabout "Nala" was on her first show in Finland this weekend,

and she got a great start by becoming 2'nd best female with res.cac and res.cacib!

I almost can't wait unntil the season really starts!


Moelmo's Irresistible Me "Sookie" took her 2'nd BOS today at Norsk Boxerklubb avd Tr.lag puppyshow.

Now we will train a lot until the next show:)


Yesterday we were on our first show of the year!

Moelmo's Irresistible Me was out for the first time and did a great job ending up as BOS!

She was behaving very well and got a wonderful critic from the judge!

Photo: kennel Little Jade


We are so much looking forward to this year. This year I will focus on 
showing some dogs and maybe have one or two litters.

Looking forward to travel some more then last year! :)