What a fantatic year for our NALA!!!!

Yesterday our star, Jafari's Jasmine Jenny's Walkabout, "Nala"  gained a new title. Now she also is swedish champion. She was 2'nd best bitch with CAC and Res.Cacib at Stockholm INT. Since best bitch is INTCH, Nala will have the CACIB!! This is her 3 CACIB this year!

Thank you so much Eeva-Maria! You really are a fantastic team and i'm so proud of you!!

Photo: Katariina Kahri



Yesterday, Annika Farstad, (Kennel Sunstreaker) was so kind to take new photos of the puppies!

I'm pleased with all the pups, and looking forward to see them in the ring next year:)

Moelmo's Jimmy Star Gimmy is still for sale.

Photo: Annika Farstad


Nala's daughter Sookie is now 14 weeks old, and we have taken a new photo of our little princess.

We really like what we see and are very exited to start showing her next year!!

Thanks Helen and Johnny, for the help with the photos)!! 

Photo: Kennel Little Jade



I'm so proud to announce that our Jafari's Jasmine Jenny's Walkabaut, "Nala" now is NORDW-10. 
She got her 2'nd CACIB and ended up as BOS this weekend at NKK Lillestrøm.

I'm so thankfull to Eeva-Maria Mentunen for showing her so well for me!!!

Nala is now in Finland on a "showvacation" with Eeva-Maria and we are so exited to see how they will do next year in the showring together:)

I also would like to thank Mette and Camilla (Kennel Zanevi) for all your help!!:)

© Kamile Samaletdin



Nala got BOS at Orkdal Hundeklubb this weekend and just 10 weeks after she gave birth for the first time!!

Moelmo's Eye For Perfection "Vega" was out for the first time after puppyclass and got 1'st prize.

Thanks Ingunn for showing her so well:)!!

The judge for the day was Arne Foss (N).

This time around the showring it was so much fun! All of the "chinese crested people" 
sat together and was talking nicely:)

It is so much better to have a nice time together then standing and talk dirt about each other!

Photo: Kennel Little Jade



Today Moelmo's J-Litter was born. There is 2 naked girls and 1 naked boy in this litter.

To see pictures of the puppies, go check out the J-Litter:)


This weekend the puppies will leave us and go to their new homes. It's always so sad to see them go, but I know they will get great homes, and that's so good to know!!:)

Last week when we cerfed Sun-hee's Show U How To Huzzle "Aiden", we got a sad message. He has hereditary cataract, so he is now out of our breedingprogram.


Inya Dreams Eye Of The Tiger, "Tiger" took his 7 CAC  and ended up as BOS today. 
The judge was Arne Foss, (N).

Thank you Hilda-Anne, Kennel Zalex ,for loving and showing our beautiful Tiger so well:)



New picures of the puppies is out. Check out the availablesite for more info.



Photos of the I-Litter is now taken. Go to the puppiepage to see them:)



The same day that Kenny became a father for the first time, he went 2nd best male with his first 
CAC at the NMK dogshow in Verdal:)

Thanks to co-owner Little Jade that does a great job with him in the ring!!

Photos of the I-Litter coming soon.



We are expecting puppies after our beautiful NUCH Jafari's Jasmine Jenny's Walkabout, 
"Nala" and Twice As Nice On Fire, "Kenny" in week 36.

More info about the litter on the puppie page.


Photo: Kennel Little Jade



Vega has really developed nicely! Here comes a new photo of our beauty:)

Photo: Kennel Little Jade



With a big belly and a lot of currage, I took Nala, Ajax and Glimma to NKK Trondheim this weekend.

Ajax started the "show" by beeing 2 nd in juniorclass. Tiger, Kenny and Glimma got all 1.prize.

Last but NOT least Nala was shown and she got her first CACIB ans ended up beeing BOB:)

All in all a great day with good results and friends!

Thank you for all your help Helen and Johnny, as usual:)



Tiger was shown in Bodø this weekend and ended up with CAC and BOS on saturday, 
and CAC and BOB on sunday:)

Tiger has done well in the ring this year as well as last year.

You are doing a great job with him Hilda-Anne:)!!

Here comes a photo of our wonderfull boy with his ribons from his last 4 shows 

Photo: Kennel Zalex



Inya Dreams Eye Of The Tiger got his 4th CAC and became BOS today!

Well done Hilda-Anne, Kennel Zalex



This weekend we went to two shows and we are so happy with the results!

Twice As Nice On Fire, "Kenny" was out in the ring for the first time since puppyclass.

He did good and ended up one spot from getting the CAC booth days. We are so proud of him!

Nala only needed on more CAC to become a Norwegian Champion. On saturday she ended up as second best bitch, but on sunday she went all the way and took the CAC, BOS and finnished her NUCH! We are so proud of our princess!

Hugh congrats to Kennel Little Jade with BOB on V.S.O.P Napoleon Sakladir, "Napi" booth days!! 

Napi BOB and Nala BOS



The dogs have gotten their own sites.


Today Ariel (Proud Pony Once In A Lifetime) was cerfed, KCS and PL testet and everything was ok:)


Today Tiger entered his first show for the year and ended up as 4th best male with Exellent for 
judge Mr. Arne Foss, Norway



Today we got some wonderful results:)

Glimma,Nala,Ariel and Frida are all clear from PLL

Now we are just waiting for Flisan, Selma and Aidens results !



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