So... i have not been a good girl!

It has gone such a long time now since my last update, but to sum up the rest of 2014 i'm putting y Christmas card as my last status for the year :) 2015 is just arround the corner and i can't wait for it to set in!!!!!!!!!

8/6- Neo's super results!!

Moelmo's One In A Million moves to South-Africa earlier this year and he had now started his show career together with hus handler Patricia De Coning! Neo has taken several BOB puppy placing, some Group Placings and a BIS puppy placing!
Big congrats to his owner Nicolette Anderson, he looks fab <3

4/7 Nkk Trondheim!

Some nice results in the ring today!
At INT show in Trondheim Moelmo's Overwhelming Beauty "Ninja" was shown in puppyclass for the last time and ended up being BOB puppy!
Moelmo's Miss Spitfire "Borghild" won her class and ended up as 3rd best female with another res.CAC.

Pic by Patricia De Coning

8/6 Res.CAC to Morten:)

Today Moelmo's More Than You Can Handle showed himself to a nice 2BM placing and res.CAC in Finland!
Super job Samu and best of luck in his upcoming shows:)

7/6 Ccc Specialty in Finland!!

Today both Cobra and Cinderella was in the ring! Cinderella went 2bf puppy and also won best head (out of over 90 cc!!!!) Cobra did pretty good to, taking a BF 4 placing and also best performer;)
Thanks to Eeva-Maria Mentunen and Pia For great handling on your Moelmo dogs:)

1/6- Cobra tales her first CACIB!!:)

Moelmo's Little Miss Attitude was shown in Estonia at Estonian Winner today where she went 2BF with res.CACIB->CACIB!
Super happy that she now has gotten her first CACIB:) great work girls!!!

31/5 Cobra BOB!

Moelmo's Little Miss Attitude was shown at Turku Group show today where she went BOB with CAC! Thank you to her fantastic handler Eeva-Maria:)

10/5- 4 out of 4 for Cinderella!!

Today Moelmo's Once Upon A Time took her 4th BOB puppy placing out of 4 shows. Way to go Pia and Cinderella :)


19/4 BOB nr. 3 for Cinderella!!!!

Another great day for the little princess Moelmo's Once Upon A Time "Cinderella"! In a big competition of 17 other cc pups she went all the way to BOB!! Hugh congrats to you Pia! We are sooo proud of you:)

BOS: Amtietam's Extraterresterial

19/4- Our P-litter is here!!

Today Moelmo's Keep Your Promise At Zucci "Minnie" gave birth to 5 beautiful babies!! 1 hl female, 2 pp female, 1 hl male and 1 pp male! Mother and babies are doing great! More pics will be puplished on the puppypage shortly!

13/4 Another BOB!!

Today Moelmo's Once Upon A Time "Cinderella" was show in Estonia where she tok her second BOB puppy!!
Way to go Pia and big congrats:)

12/4 Cinderella is out!!

Moelmo's Once Upon A Time "Cinderella" debutated in puppyclass today where she tok BOB out of 11 other cc pups!! What a great start for you Pia :) big big congrats!!!

5/4- Great debute for Miss Spitfire!!

Today at INT show in Bergen, Moelmo's Miss Spitfire "Borghild" debuted in the jr class where she won her class and ended up as 3'rd best female with res.CAC! Thank you so much for handling her Camilla Meyn :)


16/3- We are expecting puppies, see planned litters for more info!!


15/3- Nala strikes again!!

Today at INT Kristiansand our wonderful "Nala", MULTICH Jafari's Jasmine Jenny's Walkabout went BB and lather BOB with CACIB. So much fun to have her in the ring again, always giving 100 % and never disappointing us. Love my girl o much <3

1/3- Super day In the rings for the siblings!!

In Norway, Moelmo's Ongoing Success "Mini" was BOB puppy at her først show, while Moelmo's One In A Million "Neo" was shown in South Africa and was BOB puppy and lather BOG2! Big congrats to the owners! We are super proud of you

16/2- Ninja BOB and BOG4!

Moelmo's Overwhelming Beauty "Ninja" debutated in the ring today and was BOB puppy and lather BOG4 in a strong group 9!! Pics by Nathalie Alfsen

12/2- Sookie cerfed clear today!!

Our MULTICH WW-13 BISS BIS Moelmo's Irresistible Me "Sookie" was cerfed clear today for the second time! She was KCS checked normal:)

8/2- Minnie new DKCH!!!!!

Juhuuuu!! Today CH Moelmo's Keep Your Promise At Zucci "Minnie" was shown at INT show In Fredricia, Denmark, where she was BB, took the CAC CACIB and BOS! This made her new DANISH CHAMPION!!!!! Thank you so much to her fantastic handlerCamilla Meyn, you are the best!!!!!!!!

26/1- Rocky got his 5th BOB puppy placing!

At NCCK Moelmo's Never Look Back "Rocky" took BOB puppy with a wonderful critique!
Handled by Wenche Smith. You two looked so nice together,  well done :)

25/1- The juniors completed some nice titles today!!

Today in Estonia Moelmo's Little Miss Attitude "Cobra" took jr.CAC, jr.BOB and BOB. This results gave her 4 new titles: EEJCH LVJCH LTJCH and BALTJCH! Thank you so much Eeva-Maria for you super handling <3
At the same show, Moelmo's More Than You Can Handle "Morten" took jr.CAC, jr.BOS and BOS. He is now EEJCH and LVJCH.
Big congrats to his wonderful owners Lella and Samu at Kennel Jammings.

18/1- Rocky BOS!!

Today on his 5th puppyshow, Moelmo's Never Look Back was BOS puppy. Handled by Nathalie Alfsen. Way to go you two :)

11/1- COBRA 2BIS.jr and BIG2!!!!!

What a day for our beautiful Cobra! Today in Estonia, Moelmo's Little Miss Attitude took jr.CAC, jr.BOB and BOB!
In the finals she placed her self as 2BIS.jr (with over 100 jr competing) and also BIG2!!
Thank you so much Eeva-Maria. You two are fab together :)

1/1-14- Kennel Moelmo has had an awesome year!!!!