Today at INT show in Bergen MULTICH Beanie Baby Boy Freuhartang "Beanie" was BM with CACIB and finally BEST OF BREED!!!! 
This was his last CACIB to compleet his INTCH title (not confirmed)
Thank you so much to his coowner/handler/groomer Wenche Smith for the fantastic job you are doing with Beanie every day and for making the trip all the way to Bergen!!!!!...
Thank you so much to Pernilla JohanssonHanka KubinovaEliška KubínováEva Carina Kristiansen and Pia Sillanpää for making all this possible

At the same show Valkrest Time Square "Mandy" was BB with CAC,CACIB and finally BEST OF OPPOSITE!!!!!
Thank you so much to handler and co-owner Camilla Meyn !

All these wonderfull results kind of came in the shadow when Beanie ended the day by going BOG and lather BEST IN SHOW 2'nd! This is totally amazing results and from what we have heard -no Powder Puff has ever been placed this high at an INT show in Norway EVER!Still on cloud 9 and let's just say- you'll be seing much more of this little showpuffer in 2017!!

9/4-2017 Cinderella NEW EECH!!

Today at Tallin Nat show FINCH LTCH EECH LTJCH LVJCH EEJCH BALTIJCH LT J W-15 Moelmo's Once Upon A Time "Cinderella" was BOB With CAC and got herself a brand New title Estonian Champion! She did'nt stop there... She ended the day by going BEST IN SHOW 4! Not bad since she only had her first litter 5 months ago!

Big congrats and well done to her groomer/handler and owner Pia Sillenpaa.


To all those of you who said breeding was easy...
Today our MULTICH WW-13 BISS BIS Moelmo's Irresistible Me "Sookie" was cerfed with cataracts 
Sookie has been cerfed almost every year since she was two years old with no remark and now at 6,5 years she suddently has cataracts! Many of my friends knows the history behind this dog so i Can't help thinking :
How much more time, energy and money am I willing to put in this "hobby/lifestyle!!

21/1-2017 Beanie BOS

First show of the year in Norway and Beanie Baby Boy Freuhartang "Beanie" was BM and ended the day by being BOS!
Handled/groomed by co-owner: Wenche Smith. Way to go you two!!
Pic by: Johanna Kangassalo

1/1-2017 Amazing show year 2016!

What a super showyear 
8 dogs (6 from our kennel) has been shown this year and here is the results:

MULTICH Moelmo's More Than You Can Handle "Morten" new DKCH SECH NUCH NORDIC CHAMPION and INTCH
Owners: Samu Wikström and Lella Wikström Kennel Jamming's...

CH Moelmo's Pay Attention At Me "Wilma"
Owner: Annica Bylin 
Handler Pia Sillanpää

CH Moelmo's On Top "Fredrik"
Owner: Anne Lise Johansen
Handler: Pia Sillanpää 

CH Moelmo's Miss Spitfire "Borghild"
Owner: Marita Alfsen 
Handler: Nathalie Alfsen

CH Moelmo's Once Upon A Time "Cinderella"
Owner/Handler: Pia Sillanpää

CH Moelmo's Little Miss Attitude "Cobra"
Owner: Yana Kadoshnikova

MULTICH Beanie Baby Boy Freuhartang "Beanie"
Handlers: Pia Sillanpää and Hanka Kubinova 

Valkrest Time Square "Mandy"
Handlers: Camilla Meyn

Thank you so much to everyone involved 

Without you non of this would be possible!!

6/9- Another BOB for fantatic Morten!!!

Moelmo's More Than You Can Handle "Morten": BEST OF BREED!!
pic by Hanna Laukkanen

5/9- Norwegian CC specialty 2015!

What a day for us at CC Specialty!!
Beanie Baby Boy Freuhartang "Beanie" won the jr class and ended as 2'nd BM with CAC and BOS junior! Thank you so much to Eva Carina Kristiansen for super handling!
Moelmo's On Top Fredrik won the youth class, unplaced in BM . Moelmo's Once Upon A Time "Cinderella" won the youth class and ended the day as 4th BF. Moelmo's Pay Attention At Me "Vilma" exc unplaced in jr.
We ended the day going BIS Beeeder!!!! thank you so much to all my super handlers!!
Judge: Wendy Van Oosten

10/8- Morten has really ruled the rings this year!!

It's hard to keep up With this little showmaccine, so therefor we are showing all his super results in 2015 at once :)
Big congrats to his FAB owners Lella and Samu at Kennel Jammings!!
Pic by catarina sjögren


Mini BISS Youngster!!!!
Our newest member Moelmo's Ongoing Success "Mini" won a strong youthclass and ended the day by going BB 3 with res.CAC and lather BISS youngster today at CC specialty in Sweden.!! Thank you so much to her FAB handler Emilie.


22/7- Mini is baaaack!

Time to introduce our new member of the pack!
Welcome back home Moelmo's Ongoing Success "Mini" 
Thank you for bringing her Britt Helene Bergheim-Selvik and for all the help Emilie Louise and Ann Kristin Solen


20/7- Beanie gets his first CAC!!

Today Beanie Baby Boy Freuhartang "Beanie" was shown at a NAT show in Tromsø, Norway where he won hsi firstCAC and became 2'nd BM.
Thank you so much to his handler/co owner Wenche for taking him/showing him today :)


4/7-   2* INT CAC at NKK Trondheim!!!!

Wwwwwwhat a day at INT show in Trondheim.
Moelmo's On Top "Fredrik" was placed as 3'rd BM with CAC and res. CACIB!!!!
And Moelmo's Miss Spitfire "Borghild" was placed as 2'nd BF with CAC and CACIB
Thak you so much to Fredriks handler Camilla Meyn!!


28/5- Fredrik goes BOB!!!

Today Moelmo's On Top "Fredrik" went all the way and won BOB at a Nat show in Norway!
Big congrats again to his owner Stina!!!

23/5 Fredrik gets his 2'nd CAC!!!

Today Moelmo's On Top "Fredrik" was shown a NAT show in Hedemark where he got another CAC and was placed as BM2.
Big congrats to his owner Stina Strandsveen

26/4 Another super showday!!!!

Second day in Denmark, INT show Roskilde and Beanie Baby Boy Freuhartang wins when it Counts the most winning jr class gets cruft qualified and ends up as 3'rd best male with CAC.
We are sooooo happy and proud of you Pernilla and Beanie <3

Moelmo's Overwhelming Beauty ¨Ninja¨ was also in the ring today at NAT show at Sunndalsøra going BOS with her second CAC for the weekend.
Super jobb Emilie and Ninja and so deserved :)

25/4 What a day!!

In Norway NAT show Sunndalsøra, Moelmo's Overwhelming Beauty "Ninja" took her first CAC and ended as BB2.
Big congrats to her owner Emilie. You two are a super team :)
pic by Ann Kristin Solen
Moelmo's Perfect Alibi "Kevin" was also shown today at NAT show in Letohallen, Norway where he was BM took the CAC and ended as BOS. Big congrats to Kevins owner Camilla Meyn.

And in Denmark at INT show in Roskilde, Beanie Baby Boy Freuhartang "Beanie" was 3'rd best male with res.CAC handled by Pernilla Johanson. Super job you two :)
Pic by catarina sjögren

14/4- Ninja has now got a New owner!

Moelmo's Overwhelming Beauty "Ninja" has found the Perfect home and is now owned by Emilie Louise!
Thank you for giving her the best home Emilie :)

12/4- Tallinn Winner 2015!

Such a proud breeder Once again!!!
Today in Estonia, CH Moelmo's More Than You Can Handle "Morten" was BOS with CACIB and got a brand new title TALLINN WINNER 2015!
Handled by his owner Samu Wikström Kennel Jamming's! Big congrats and way to go!!!!
At the same show, Moelmo's Once Upon A Time "Cinderella" was BF 3 with res.CACIB -> CACIB! Super job Pia Sillanpää.
Thank you so much for loving and showing your Moelmobabes so well 

5/4- BEANIE IS OUT!!!!

First time out with his handler for this spring and what a start they got!!!
Beanie Baby Boy Freuhartang is now SWEDISH JUNIOR WINNER 2015!!!!! 
He ended up as 5'th BM With Res.CAC!
Thank you so much to his fantastic handler Pernilla Johansson! 

4/4- 2'nd best male placment for Fredrik!

Today Moelmo's On Top "Fredrik" was shown at NAT show in Leto, Norway where he ended up as 2'nd best male With res.CAC.
Big congrats to his wonderful owner Stina Strandsveen :)

7/3- Cinderella takes another title:  Lithuania Junior Winner 2015!!

Today Moelmo's Once Upon A Time "Cinderella" was shown in Lithuania where she won her class and was BOB jr With the New title: LT J W-15!
This little princess is in my eyes Close to perfection and Pia is keeping her in super condistion! Well done my friend :)

28/2 Another super show weekend!!

In Estonia CH Moelmo's Little Miss Attitude "Cobra" won her class took the CAC and was BOB! She got herself a brand new title: EECH!
Thank you so much to her fantastic handler Eeva Maria once again!!

In Bergen, Norway, Moelmo's Ongoing Success "Mini" took the CAC and ended up as BOB! We are so proud of you Nina Torbjørnsen!! way to go!!!! ;)

22/2 Morten BOG2!!!!

On the second day in Panevezys Lithuania, Moelmo's More Than You Can Handle "Morten" took another BOB and ended the day by going BOG2!
You are really a super team Samu :) Way to go :)

21/2 Super day in Lithiania!!!

Today in Panevezys Lithuania, Moelmo's More Than You Can Handle "Morten" got CAC BOB and is now new LTCH and BALTCH. He was also BOG 4!!!!'Way to og Samu and big congrats :)
Moelmo's Once Upon A Time "Cinderella" won the jr CAC, was BOB jr and BOS. She also got 2 new titles LTJCH AND BALTJCH!
Big congrats dear Pia .!!

14/2- BEANIE BIS 2 PUPPY!!!!

On his last puppy show, Beanie Baby Boy Freuhartang "Beanie" was BOB and ended as BIS 2 puppy today at NMTHK avd Trøndelag!!!!
This crazy little showmachine is now ready for the bigboys ring.

14/2- Cinderella BOS in Estonia

Today at Tallinn Estonia, Moelmo's Once Upon A Time "Cinderella" was BOB jr and lather BOS. Handled by Anni Rytkönen-Tetri
Big congrats to owner Pia Sillenää :)



1/2- Cinderella was glowing in the ring this weekend!!

Moelmo's Once Upon A Time "Cinderella" was shown in Finland this weekend taking her first finish CAC on saturday and res.CAC on sunday. Hugh congrats with your little princess Pia, you are doing a super job with her <3

25/1- Fredrik is OUT :)

Today Moelmo's On Top"Fredrik" was shown in Norway where he got his first CAC. He ended up as BOS under judge Birgitta Svarstad.
Big congrats to his wonderful owner

24/1- Cobra FINCH, Kevin got his first CAC and Cinderella BOB jr in Lithuania!!

In Finland, Moelmo's Little Miss Attitude "Cobra" took the last CAC to finish her FINCH title! She also took the CACIB and ended up as BOS!
Thank you so much to her great handler Eeva Maria :)

Valanyan Starstruck BOB, pic is by: Aila Lyytikäinen

In Norway the CRAZY little man Moelmo's Perfect Alibi "Kevin" debutated in the ring and was 2'nd BM with CAC. Well done Camilla Meyn :)

And in Lithuania, Moelmo's Once Upon A Time "Cinderella" was BOB jr, took, the jr CAC and 2BF handled by her owner Pia Sillanpää

Thank you so much everyone of you for showing these Moelmo kids to the Top :)

19/1 -Rocky BOB *2 in Canada!!!

Big congrats to Grace Westerson with Moelmo's Never Look Back "Rocky"s super results this weekend. Together with his handler Terrina, Rocky took 2* BOB and is now half way to finish his GRAND CH title!!
Way to go Girls

18/1- Beanie BIS 4 Puppy!!!!!

At his second show ever, Beanie Baby Boy Freuhartang "Beanie" was BOB puppy, won a strong group 9 and ended up as 4th BEST IN SHOW puppy!!!!!! There was over 120 pups entered to this show so we are over the moon about these results!! :) Thank you so much Hanka Kubinova for this amazing boy! We love him!

Amazing weekend in Estonia!!!!!!!!!!!
11/1- 5 Titles in one day!

Today in Estonia,
BISS BIS MULTICH WW-13 Moelmo's Irriesistible Me "Sooke" was BB with CAC and lather BOS handled by Pia Sillanpää. She can now add 2 new titles to her name EECH and BALTCH!!!!!!!!
Moelmo's More Than You Can Handle " Morten" was BM tok the CAC and went all the way to BOB! He got 3 new titles: EECH FINCH and LVCH! Top top it all, Morten was BEST IN GROUP 2'ND!!!!!!Big congrats to handler and owner Samu Wikström/Kennel Jammings!!
Thank you so much both of youfor showing Your Moelmo dogs to the top. Without you it would not be possible!

10/1- Cinderella got her first titles!

Today Moelmo's Once Upon A Time "Cinderella" was shown in Estonia where she was BOB jr with jr.CAC and lather BOB!!!! She also got her first titles EEJCH and LVJCH!! Big big congrats to Pia Sillanpää and well done

Pic by Patricia De Coning

Late 2014, we bought a new upcomming star and he is all and more than we expected him to be!!!

His name is Beanie Baby Boy Freuhartang and he is bred by Hanke Kubinova. He will be co owned with my friend Wenche Smith.
Thank you so much for this awesome boy Hanka!
Also a big thank you to Pia Sillenpää for all the help