Caylin Decoroso


Caylin came to Norway from Kennel Decoroso in july 2013.
I fell in love the first time i saw her and i think she is everything
i'm looking for in my future breeding!!
Caylin is co-owned together with Kristin Sommernes
and she will live together with her and Sookies littersister Freya.
We are very excited to see how this little flower will develope in the future <3
Thank you Hana Hrciakova/Kennel Decoroso for this lovely little girl!

Info -
Born: 3/2-2013
Breeder: Kennel Decoroso
Co-owner: Kristin Sommernes

Cerfed: Clear 2015
PL: 0/0 2015
PLL: Clear By Defult
KCS: Normal 2015

2* BOB puppy
1* BOG2 puppy
1* BOG4 puppy