Beanie Baby Boy Freuhartang


I fell in love with this very handsome boy the frst time i saw him. I just HAD to have him!
With a lot of help from different friends i got him in my arms at Norwegian Winner show 2014.
He was all i have wished for and then some!
He has one of the strongest tempraments i have ever seen in a dog.
Loves everything and everyone.
He also has an amazing stucture and attityde. I can't wait to show this wonderful dog in 2015!!!!
Beanie will be co owned with my close friend Wenche Smith where he also will be living.
Thank you so much Hanka for letting us have this fantastic boy! We will make you proud, i promise :)

Info CMKU/CIN/5651/14
Born: 14/6-2014
Breeder: Hanke Kubinova/ Kennel Freuhartang
Owners: Kennel Moelmo and Wenche Smith

Cerfed: Too young
PL: Too young
KCS: Too young


Puppyclass 2 x BOB, 1 x BIS2 Puppy.

Adult classes: 2 CAC (1*INT CAC), 1 * res CAC (Sweden), 1*CAC (Denmark), 1*res CAC (Denmark), Crfts Qualification 2016